Hey, There Oodlers!

Welcome to Design oodles! We are a design and lifestyle platform where we dedicate our time to search, recognize, and support unique finds starting from Design, sustainable practices, products to modern technology and Minimalist living. We made it our objective to offer you a peek of what the creative and artistic future holds for us.

How did we get here?

We are an Architect – Product designer duo and our journey began after we first started travelling. We started our adventure to search out some sort of inspiration for our projects where we stumbled upon many unique ventures with vastly fascinating backgrounds and practices. We both reside in different countries both with unique cultural and traditional practices which makes it an ideal situation for us to satisfy our craving for new findings.

What do we believe?
Design always finds a way and doesn’t do borders. Design can come from anyone, including you. We are on a relentless search to find talented artists and long lost practices so we can shine a spotlight on a small part of this constantly evolving world. Along the way, we will also share our thoughts and reviews about some of our favourite products and news.

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