Custom No.9: A Bespoke interior brand in Dubai

For you to get the trendy and elegant interiors for your home, you have to do “more than the normal” in today’s world. What does a top-quality interior brand possess that would result in trendy and elegant interiors? It is nothing but the variety that gives you mind-blowing, personalized interiors.

custom no 9 small planter and potr
Custom NO. 9 Handmade Small planter pot. P.C - Custom No.9 photographed by Natelee Cocks.

Custom No.9 is a Dubai based bespoke furniture and interior brand that offers an ingenious blend of quality and elegant variety. Founded by Amy Grace Mill, the drive behind the brand is the pure desire to stop the mass production of interior pieces and start the personalized bespoke interior stylings which allow customizing a piece of furniture that can fit every home’s aesthetics. An immersive and interactive 3D digital experience on their website will enable you to visualize various patterns, designs and materials for different bespoke pieces before selecting!

Terrazzo coasters
Hexagonal Terrazzo coasters made from off cut materials. P.C - Custom No.9 photographed by Natelee Cocks.

There are over 250 beautiful variations in leg frames, tops and interior materials to choose. My favourite Custom No.9’s Meraki collection embodies various elegant interior pieces like coffee tables, dining tables, consoles, side tables and desks and is made to order. The Custom No.9 planters and Terrazzo are so sleek and elegantly shaped, and their featured table collection is a delight to the eyes. Custom No.9 come out with the finest interior furniture because they only work with the purest and most refined materials. The marble they use is of the best quality such as the Bianco Venus Volakas and Nero Marquina, the sleekest and most compact of marble pieces. The Terrazzo used is epoxy-casted to avoid stains, and their white oak veneer is crack-resistant. To maintain the ethos, Custom no 9 manufactures their furniture locally in Dubai, making them one of the pioneers among the homegrown brands.

Custom NO 9 Meraki Collection
Custom dining table and desk from the Meraki collection, all made to order in Dubai. P.C-Custom No.9 photographed by Natelee Cocks.
How Custom No. 9 works

To give you the best sleek and elegant results, Choose between dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, consoles and desks of your choice in desired shape or size.
Pick your top material and base and the leg colour. Tweak and adjust your original design using custom no. 9 interactive visualizer.

Voila! Patiently wait for the bespoke piece to be locally produced and delivered to you.

Custom NO 9 Meraki Collection
Boards for Beirut

Custom No.9 recently launched its Boards for Beirut series and 100% of the profits are dedicated to repairing around 3,000 homes in Beirut, preserving its elegant architectural structure. This series is mind-blowing and you can pre-order here. Pre-order runs until the end of September, and you get your lovely pieces delivered to you by October.

Boards for Beirut
Terrazzo serving board made from half cut materials to reduce waste. P.C - Custom No.9 photographed by Natelee Cocks.
Boards for Beirut

Don’t you love the collection of Custom No.9! They are stunning and are must-haves in your current or new home! Do check them out here!

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