Customise Your Ikea Frames With Fronteriors
fronteriors co-founders Linda Dekkers and Katherine Hawks
Co- Founders and Creative directors of Fronteriors, Linda Dekkers and Kathryn Hawkes.

Today’s Trend in Interiors and Furnishings – Customizable and Personalized Furniture.

Interior furnishings are of no doubt becoming important in a world of evolving aesthetics. Lifestyle and personal habits are greatly impacting the interiors and styles like the modern Scandinavian design which is all about functionality, minimalism and neutral colours. Architectural and interior furnishings have evolved beyond their beautifying purposes and that’s why a well-executed concept can result in a timeless piece with character and edge.

IKEA besta upgradede with fronteriors hardware.
Can You recognize the IKEA BESTA hidden behind fronteriors slatted green doors, sides, tops and gold handles?

Niche Brand Appreciation

IKEA’s furniture and products are known for their minimalistic style, but you will not believe how a few tweaks and a touch of creativity can transform these basics into an admirable decor that looks downright splendid.
That is exactly the concept behind fronteriors, a young state of the art furnishing brand that provides additional ways to upgrade the humble IKEA frames into some serene pieces.

The best part about giving a new spin to your IKEA frames is that it is very simple, economical and fast which implies that you’ll be able to jazz up your interiors in no time!

Ikea Besta styled with fronteriors rattan door and sides
IKEA BESTA upgraded with fronteriors beige cane doors, beige painted sides and golden handles
Fronteriors- IKEA hacking since 2019

Fronteriors was founded in 2019 by Kathryn Hawkes and Linda Dekkers who are both interior stylists. They are known within the industry for their long and vibrant history of IKEA hacking which is a prominent aspect covered in their blogs – House of hawks and Live Loud Girl. Fronteriors was the perfect business concept for them to exhibit their passion and creativity and since the beginning of the company in 2019, they have introduced an impressive range of designs to upgrade IKEA furniture frames.

How Fronteriors Works?

IKEA offers unquestionable affordability, and practicality and the fronteriors brand specializes in customizing your IKEA furniture into outstanding pieces through their range of doors, tops, sides and accessories using on-trend designs and materials.
Fronteriors achieves this by using a unique 3-step process.

1. Select your required IKEA frame: The First process is to select any frame of your choice from the fronteriors IKEA BILLY and BESTA frame collection.
2. Pick your fronteriors: Then select from the various fronteriors which includes cane, linen, slatted and the likes.
3. Easy installation: You can then easily assemble the hinges, sides and other parts to create a full furniture piece. 

Fronteriors recessed beige doors with a beige side and top from the newly launched collection in collaboration with 101 CPH
New Collection Launch in collaboration with 101 CPH

 On September 17th 2020, fronteriors launched their new collection for the BESTA, BILLY, PAX and METOD series. These operate on three styling techniques namely: Basic, framed and recessed. The basic style is a sleek and simple cutting, the framed style is a slightly elevated cut and finally, the recessed styling is a much more complex retro cut. All three styles are available in the fronteriors signature colour palette: beige, grey, black, white and green.


The quality of materials used along with a revolutionary new water-based paint (90% less solvents used), gives this collection the right to be within the limelight. The doors are beautiful on their own or in combination with complementing sides, tops and handles.

fronteriors beige framed
METOD framed cabinet with doors, Sides and top
fronteriors green basic
METOD with green basic doors, sides and top.
fronteriors hihat brass knobs
The solid brass Hihat knobs from 101CPH adds a sophisticated touch to the framed black doors.

As a means to provide access to trendy designs, a collaboration has been made with a widely known Scandinavian interior styling brand, 101 CPH. This  enables them to feature the brand’s brass Hihat knobs to their design collection. This collaboration improves the aesthetics and outlook of their products significantly.
To express their excitement, Kristian A. Hansen, founder and partner at 101 CPH ,said “We are very excited about the collaboration with Fronteriors and we find that the brands are a great match in terms of design profile and the quality of their materials. The Hihat knobs add a stylish touch to the front elements, and the solid brass material will wear beautifully over time.”


Customized interiors and stylings cannot come better than fronteriors. Check them out today here


Image courtesy of Fronteriors photographed by Natelee Cocks


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