Quooker: The Tap That Does It All
Quooker - Taps - G.C.C - Sustainable - Netherlands - Minimalistic
Quooker Classic Fusion Tap.

Are you someone who appreciates a good cup of hot tea? Perhaps a refreshing seltzer? Well, Quooker might have the perfect product for you. Quooker is a Dutch-based and family-run company which was founded in 1970 by Henri Peteri. In 1922, the first Quooker was introduced and since then this revolutionary boiling-water tap has become an indispensable tool in modern-day kitchens all over the world. Oh, wait! Did I mention that Quooker was also the very first boiling water tap in the world?

Quooker was established in U.A.E. in 2015 and they are on a mission to make the Quooker an absolute essential in kitchens across UAE and the GCC.

Quooker - Fusion Taps - G.C.C - Sustainable - Netherlands - Minimalistic
Quooker Fusion.
Nordic Round Twintaps- G.C.C- Quooker
Quooker Nordic Fusion Tap.


So, what exactly does this multi-purpose kitchen tap have to offer?
The Quooker tap provides you boiling water at 100c as well as cold, hot and even sparkling water. The water is filtered and can be used straight from your tap, which makes it even more convenient.

A Quooker is made up of a kitchen tap and tank which will be allocated on your countertop and cupboard, respectively. There are various options for you to browse through and find the perfect tap that matches your taste and your kitchen’s aesthetic. You can check out their collection here.

Apart from being very Convenient and innovative, let us take a look at the other benefits you can obtain from installing a Quooker.

Clean and Freshwater

All the water dispensed by a Quooker tap is filtered through a carbon filter that removes sediment, chlorine, bacteria, pesticides and other substances that contaminate your potable drinking water. You and your family will not have to worry about any health issues associated with tap water, No diseases in this house!

Climate change is a very serious issue and using Quooker will help us do some good since it consumes less energy and can be your first step into making Eco-friendly choices. Quooker is Water and Energy-efficient and they use a COMBI tank – a primary ‘boiler’ with high-vacuum insulation which uses up to 50% less energy compared to a regular kitchen boiler. This method also saves you the cost of purchasing water bottles and less plastic waste.

It Is Safe
I believe by now people might have been contemplating whether the concept of boiling water straight from the tap is safe or not?
To answer that, Quooker has installed a variety of safety features, this includes a childproof handle and an insulated faucet which swivels and is even height adjustable on selected models.
Aerated spray on the boiling water function instead of solid jet flow avoids the risk of serious burns and scabs.

It Can Move With You

Did I mention that the Quooker is portable? Because it is! You can carry your Quooker along with you during your travels which is very easy to install in your temporary kitchen. Once your stay is over, it can easily be removed and reinstalled. How cool is that!



Quooker - Taps - G.C.C - Sustainable - Netherlands - Minimalistic
Quooker Classic Fusion Tap.
Nordic Round Twintaps- G.C.C- Quooker
Quooker Nordic Fusion Tap.

Quooker’s Innovation around the sink continues every single day. Although it might feel like a luxury to own, it is a sustainable purchase and price-efficient. Today Quooker is growing rapidly, present in 12 countries and boast over 80 registered patents.
If you are interested in purchasing a Quooker, you’ll be able to contact them here

Image courtesy of Quooker.

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