Usfuur: A Jewellery Line With A Cause
Usfuur sterling silver bangle
Usfuur bangle in sterling silver and bird motifs. P.C. Usfuur

We all love a piece of well-crafted jewellery in our collection but to take it up a notch, think about a beautiful piece of jewellery with a cause. If you are looking for a meaningful and conscious gift for your loved ones, then this jewellery brand is worth considering.


Usfuur is a Dubai based fine jewellery brand founded by Syrian born Yara Tlass, and the literal meaning of Usfuur translates to “birds” in Arabic. Yara has a background in management, NGOs and humanitarian work. She combined her business knowledge with her love of jewellery design to create and establish her brand. The brand holds a collection of handcrafted anklets, necklace, rings, bracelets and chokers in their statement piece made with 18k platinum, rose and yellow gold. The signature design of the brand stems from the omnipresent bird motifs which symbolize freedom, hope and peace.
Yara and her family relocated to Dubai in 2017 when the civil war worsened in Syria. Being a Syrian herself, she designed the jewellery range to support the displaced Syrian community in need. Usfuur is currently in a partnership with a grassroots charity organization called watanilli/my homeland, which donates a part of the sale proceedings to help the displaced children with art therapy and education programs.

Usfuur is all about quality and describes their style as minimalist, contemporary with the utmost level of sophistication, which reflects in their designs. In the future, Yara wants to expand her business further and as a brand, reach out more to all the displaced communities in need from Iraq and Palestine.

Check out their page here for more information. Picture courtesy of Usfuur.

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