Workstation Cabin: Hello Wood’s Tiny 10M2 Prefab Cabin
Workstation capsule Exterior
The workstation Cabin Draws Inspiration From The Space Capsule Design. Zsuzsa Darab

When work meets home, productivity levels may spiral downhill, especially since a quiet house is a rare commodity in a bustling city like Dubai, located in the heart of the United Arab Emirates. Due to this ever-growing problem, Hello Wood, a Hungary based company, took upon the responsibility of designing and creating “Workstation Cabin”. This form of prefab cabins has risen to popularity during the COVID 19 crisis, as a COVID responsive design to suit the growing need of people wanting a serene environment to work from home or relax in. 

Workstation capsule Exterior
The organic form can be installed on any landscape while the large windows connects the interior with the exterior views. Zsuzsa Darab
Your Very Own Home Office Conveniently Placed In Your Back Yard

The Workstation cabin is a project carefully thought out before bringing it to life, which can be seen through this prefab cabin’s adaptation to various environmental factors. The insulated interiors provide homely warmth during wintertime, and the built-in air-conditioning unit protects from harsh annual summers. Due to its design, Workstation is the most convenient 10M2 cabin to seek refuge in. The workstation cabin is especially handy during times for breaks from mundane daily activities that require a change of location to spice things up!

Workstation capsule Exterior
The cabin's Framework is made up of wooden sandwich panel and weatherproof timber cladding. Zsuzsa Darab

Providing minimalistic intricacy, the compact Workstation cabin is the epitome of unique architecture that can be used as productivity space for work. It also provides the double function of a guest room or a nursery for children. The manufacturing process makes use of an avant-garde form of technology. Futuristic designs of the cabins are first created on a computer with great thought driven behind the design, especially in terms of convenience. Then, the blueprint of the prefab cabin is consequently forwarded to the CNC machine. The final product of the manufacturing process is a sturdy, 15-sided prefabricated cabin that you can escape to for your peace of mind at any time, any day without any restrictions from the comfort of your backyard.

Workstation capsule Exterior

The actual installation process only requires a few days since modular prefab homes come with the guarantee of being delivered in a piece. This ensures that the buyer is not inconvenienced by living at the construction site with countless disruptions. Owning a modular prefab cabin such as Workstation is a wise investment to make, as any part of the module is easily replaceable in the unlikely case of damage. Its ease of being replaceable also results in a sustainable way of expanding your current home’s facilities. The cabin has low levels of energy consumption and environmentally focused agenda behind its design centres around green initiatives. Therefore, Workstation is proudly considered much more sustainable than a house built using non-renewable materials with the addition of standard technologies.

Workstation capsule Interior
Interiors can be customized to equip mood lighting, Sound system, wireless network setup and a Television screen. Zsuzsa Darab
Workstation capsule Interior
Create an extra room by adding a double mattress enabling it to become a multipurpose space that suits your need. Zsuzsa Darab
The insulated and soundproof cabin acts as a productive workstation, a meeting room, a kids playroom making it a perfect quiet place. Zsuzsa Darab
A tiny extra room you always wished for. Zsuzsa Darab

Numerous Hello Wood cabins are going through the development and construction phases at present. These range from compact, quieter spaces such as recreational and meeting rooms, to elaborate community accommodation quarters. No matter what your personal preferences are, Hello Wood always has a vast range of ever-expanding projects for you to choose from according to your needs! For further information about the multiple different types of cabins offered and the process on how to order, you can visit the Hello World studio website.


Designed & Built by Hello Wood
Lead Designer: Péter Pozsár
Project Architect: Tamás Fülöp, László Mangliár
Photos: Zsuzsa Darab
Gross floor area: 10 m2


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